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Diploma in Business Studies

By begyir - Posted on 21 October 2010

This department is a new product outdoored two (2) years ago; it is now in its third year. The duration of the programme is two years and it is full time.

The scheme is designed to train students who intend to qualify and middle level personnel.
In the Accounting positions in the industry, the commence and public organisation.

The Diploma in Business Studies in Takoradi Technical Institute offers basically the Accounting option; plans are being advanced for evening programmes for those working. Certificates are awarded by the Ghana Education Service of the Ministry of Education to successful candidates

Accounting option                                                                                                                                 

Students pursing the accounting option offer the following subjects:

Business Communication
Business bar
Office practise and Administration
ICT Tuition inclusive

AIMS: These can be summarised as follow
To develop the students understanding of business principles and be able to apply these principles to practical problems in the business environment.

To provide the students with the necessary tools for analysis of general economic problems
To ensure that students understand the vital role of communication in business, and acquire the ability to communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing.

To develop an understanding of the basic of Ghanaian law in order to acquire the basic skills and a working knowledge of the various branches of law.

To provide a broad knowledge of administrative practices in the modern office so as to give the students an ability to organise systems and procedures in the office.


1. The entry to the programme is generally open to students with any one of the following:
Five G.C.E ‘O’ Level credit passes including: English and Mathematics
RSA or Ghana Commercial Examinations stage II with passes in four (4) subjects including: English, Mathematics or Arithmetic.
SSS Certificate with four (4) passes including: English and Mathematics.


Our Students are termed internal candidates; and thus take their examination in the School in June.
Candidates must take all components on their first entry.
Certificates are awarded to Candidates who are successful in all components
Students are treated as semi-tertiary Students. They do not wear uniforms and have their own set of classrooms.
All teachers teaching them are qualified graduates with  backgrounds in the study of Education.